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First Week of Degree

I'm a degree student! Yay! Wow, I can't believe I have this blog since I was in Form 2 until now, hahaha. Well, this post is going to be just a simple one, with some pictures and some life update. I'm taking Environmental Science at Science and Natural Resources Faculty, Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

A candid photo of me taken by my friend on the first day I got to UMS back.
We started our Minggu Suai Mesra on September 3rd and finished on Thursday with Majlis Akur Janji and some session with Sabah Minister. The whole time Minggu Suai Mesra was going on, everything was so hectic. So hot all the time, everywhere I was going was so crowded, the busses were always full, I hated those parts about Minggu Suai Mesra. Made me so tired, I could barely open my eyes when I got back to my room at night.

My roommates and I are the definitions of 1 Malaysia. One of my roommates is a Chinese Sarawakian and the other one is an Indian from Kuala Lumpur. They are so nice and talkative and so far, living with them is a very refreshing and a nice experience. It's a bit out of my comfort zone, though, because I never live with so much diversity in my life unless you count the multi-racial Sabahans😂

On Friday, we were brought to our faculty by the programme seniors for a tour. My coursemates consist of about 35 students and from their introductions, all of them sounded so cool, we even got one international student from Japan! Looking forward to working with them.

And lastly, a shameless selfie before I went out to watch It: Chapter 2 with my friends on Saturday.


  1. Environmental Science? Aaaah your course seems so cool. Please help saving our planet hahaha. All the best for your degree!

    Btw, how was "IT: Chapter 2"? Was it good? I've read mixed reviews about it.

    1. The course is cool! Saving the planet is one of the plans hahaha. Thank you :)

      IT: Chapter 2 was good lah but I still love the first one better. I love the kids portrayal of the characters better. But the second one made a good ending lah.

  2. Good Luck study dekat UMS Kampus Induk.


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